• Training on new standards.
  • Training on complex standards.
  • Refresher courses.
  • Training on guidelines in new standards implementation.

We offer continuous professional development in both IFRS and IPSAS to accounting professionals in both private and public corporate entities. Our expert team keep abreast of developments and changes in standards as well as the implications thereof in various sectors of the economy due to continuous research and study. We have a team of Chartered Accountants dedicated to developing material for training and articles that are highly informative and educational.



  • Advice on complex transactions.
  • Guidance on IFRS and IPSAS implementation.
  • Review of financial statements for compliance with IFRS and IPSAS.

TAS offers technical consultation and advice on all IFRS and IPSAS related issues for both private and public corporate entities. Our service quality is excellent and it is driven by a passion for provision of solutions to our clients and forging long term mutually beneficial business relationships.

Short Courses

IFRS Courses – Covers:

  • IFRS Fundamentals
  • IFRS Intermediate
  • IFRS Expert Course

IPSAS training – Covers

  • IPSAS Fundamentals
  • IPSAS Intermediate
  • IPSAS Expert Course
  • IPSAS Cash Basis

Public Financial Management

ICAZ Competency Training Model

TAS offers short courses on our Competence Learning Online platform where participants study at their own pace. We understand that the bulk of our clients are busy people and they may not find time to attend our training which may take between 1 and 3 days. We are bringing convenience for continuous professional development to our clients at their own convenient time and pace. The platform allows participants to access training material, to take assessments and lastly to make payments online using either Visa card, MasterCard or Ecocash.



ICAZ Accredited Assessment Platform

Edge Online system has the following modules :

  • Reporting
  • TSR
  • PSR
  • ANA


ICAZ Accredited Assessment Platform

Training and Advisory Services (TAS) developed Edge Online system to support the documentation of the ICAZ training program. Edge was built out of the need to provide an alternative system that provide easy, user friendly and accessible online assessment system. Edge online is developed to provide ICAZ Training Offices with a cost-effective assessment tools in compliance relevant ICAZ’s specifications. It is easy to use, and informative assessment documents are complemented with insightful reports.

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