RBZ Monetary Policy – Impact on Financial Reporting

by Anesu Daka CA(SA)(Z) In May 2016, the RBZ introduced the priority list as an exchange control measure. Subsequently, the bond notes were introduced in October 2016 through Statutory Instrument 133 which amended section 44 of RBZ Act. There was also increased encouragement to use plastic money/electronic money (RTGS and mobile) to alleviate the liquidity […]

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Onerous Relationships

An onerous relationship or contract is one in which the unavoidable costs under the contract exceeds the benefits received under the same contract. Don’t mis-quote me LoL, I am not referring to that relationship where one party is giving too much and the other is not appreciating and brings nothing, but all are bound by […]

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TAS Goes into Africa

Training and Advisory Services (TAS) a member of the Chartered Accountants Academy (CAA) is out to serve in Africa. This is the first time TAS went as a stand-alone entity other than as CAA. The reception has been amazing and the strides very huge. TAS/CAA philosophy is to integrate classroom knowledge and practice for education […]

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