Training and Advisory Services celebrate its unbundling from Chartered Accountants Academy in January 2016. From the inception of CAA in 2011, TAS has always operated as a separate department within CAA. With a strategic focus to service its client better, we decided to establish it as a separate entity.

With particular focus on IFRS and IPSAS, we offer tailor made services to our clients in:
■ Training (in-house or conference style).
■ Formulating accounting opinions on complex transactions.
■ New standards Implementation.
■ Financial statements reviews.
■ Online short courses.

Financial reporting is an important element in the success of entities, and our objective is to support and empower finance teams across all sectors and at different levels.
■ Training (In-house or Conference)
■ Formulating Accounting Opinions
■ New Standards Implementation
■ Online Short Courses
■ Financial Statements Reviews

Our Philosophy

Our expertise and methodologies have been developed to bring out the following strong credentials to demonstrate that we are best positioned to partner you based on your requirements:
Our Profile – We are a wholly indigenous training and advisory institution which was established to meet a critical need in the training of accountants, finance professionals and non-accounting personnel and providing accounting related advisory services in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Experienced Team – We have the best team with experience to deliver on your expectations and work well with your team. Currently we have an expert team of 6 Chartered Accountants as part of our team dedicated to ensure your needs are satisfied.

A Market Leading Approach – We will provide you with a coordinated, consistent, high quality service and support.

Products & Services

A Passion For Excellence

At TAS, we listen to your needs and specific circumstances so that we can provide technical solutions that delivers excellent results within your reporting process and unlock potential for success.

Strategic Goals

Our strategic goal is to be amongst the leading professional services providers in the country
in our chosen fields, by:
■ Discovering what is important to our clients, and make it our priority.
■ Develop pragmatic solution to complex problems for our clients.
■ Developing our people to be leading experts in our services.
■ Deliver high quality and efficient service.

Vision, Mission & Values


To produce outstanding business leaders of vision and purpose.


To be the trainer and advisor of choice for finance professionals in Zimbabwe and beyond
■ Provision of world class continuous professional
development training to finance professionals.
■ Provision of value-adding technical advisory
services to both private and public-sector entities.

■ We are responsible, accountable and respectful in
our relationship with different stakeholders.
■ We promote resourcefulness, transparency, and
integrity all everything we do.
■ We encourage innovation and continuous
improvement to thrive.
■ We foster an environment of cooperation and
collaboration that leads to a win-win outcome for
ourselves and our clients, employees, and
business partners.

Target Market

IFRS and IPSAS target market

Market Positioning

IFRS Target Market
(International Financial Reporting Standards)

IPSAS Target Market

(International Public Sector Accounting Standards)

Our Expert Team

At TAS we use our instincts and technical expertise to help dynamic organizations navigate complexity and unlock their potential for growth.

Anesu Daka CA (SA) (Z) RPA

An entrepreneur and a visionary leader who is a Chartered Accountant and Registered Public Auditor. A technical adviser for ICAZ, PAAB and PAIBC which is a subcommittee of IFAC. He is an IFRS specialist and a Financial Accounting lecturer par excellence. A highly experienced tutor who lives to teach, nurture and empower others to achieve their greatest potential in their careers and entrepreneurial endeavors. He has been facilitating training in both the public and private sector and he is a Presidential Commissioner of inquiry in the conversion of pension and insurance funds from the Zimbabwean Dollars (Z$) to United States Dollars(US$). Anesu trained with EY (formerly Ernst & Young) Chartered Accountants in Johannesburg.



Elles Mukunyadze CA(Z)RPA

A Chartered Accountant and Registered Public Auditor who is a technical adviser/expert in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS). He advises ICAZ, PAAB and the Office of the Auditor General on IFRS and IPSAS matters. With more than 8 years’ experience, Elles did his articles with EY (Formerly Ernst & Young) Chartered Accountants. A highly experienced and widely exposed passionate facilitator of learning and lectures professional students in Financial Management, Risk Management and Strategy.

Elliot Wonenyika CA(Z)RP



A Chartered Accountant and Registered Public Auditor. He is a technical adviser to ICAZ supporting Auditing and Tax committees. Elliot has over 6 years’ experience in Accounting, Auditing and Taxation with emphasis on the practical application of International Standards in Auditing and Taxation Legislation. He is a visionary practitioner, keen reader and researcher driven by an insatiable appetite to learn and is an original thinker. Elliot trained with EY (formerly Ernst and Young) Chartered

Zvinotendesa Mapetere CA(Z)RPA

Zvinotendesa is a qualified Chartered Accountant and a Registered Public Auditor. He is also an ICAZ Registered Assessor of trainees. Zvinotendesa brings a wealth of experience to the team including project management, quality management systems and taxation. He also lectures Taxation for trainee Chartered Accountants hence a wealth of experience in training and assessing trainees. He has vast experience in facilitating tax update training for corporates in the various sectors in Zimbabwe.

Webster Sigauke CA(Z)

Webster is an ambitious and hardworking individual motivated by the zeal to develop new ideas and existing ones in this dynamic global economy and be able to find a challenging position to meet his competences, capabilities, skills, education and experience. He is an IFRS expert with over 5 years’ experience in audit and accounting in the banking, insurance and manufacturing sectors in Zimbabwe. Currently he lectures Financial reporting for chartered accountants students. He has vast experience in lecturing and facilitating Continuous professional development programs in auditing.